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Canvas Fine Art Prints Details and Pricing

Canvas Fine Art

In addition to our Fine Art printing on paper, we offer Loose Rolled Canvas Fine Art Prints. Your image is printed directly on fine art canvas up to 24" x 36" in size with archival-grade inks. Prints are delivered rolled so you have the option to display them loose or stretched over your own frame. You may also opt to have the canvas print mounted to Artboard, Foamboard or a Standout Mount. (Varies by size.)

Typical turnaround time is 2-3 business days in lab. Add 1-2 days for finishing & mounting.

Canvas Fine Art Prints

Canvas Fine Art Print Pricing

  • Canvases are cut to the size ordered; there is no additional material on the edges
  • Loose Rolled Canvas Fine Art prints are coated for long-term protection
  • Archival-grade printing with Epson large format printers


For easier selling to your clients download our Product Images

Size Price
8" x 8" Order $30.00
8" x 10" Order $30.00
8" x 12" Order $30.00
8" x 16" Order $33.00
10" x 10" Order $30.00
10" x 20" Order $38.00
11" x 14" Order $35.00
12" x 12" Order $35.00
12" x 24" Order $52.00
15" x 30" Order $65.00
16" x 16" Order $52.00
16" x 20" Order $52.00
16" x 24" Order $65.00
20" x 20" Order $69.00
20" x 24" Order $69.00
20" x 30" Order $74.00
24" x 24" Order $77.00
24" x 30" Order $80.00
24" x 36" Order $85.00

Mounting Options

Artboard Dry Mount

Artboard Dry Mount

A rigid backing for mounting inside a frame. This fiber-based board could warp if left unframed on sizes above 11" x 14". Artboard is available in all sizes 5" x 7" and larger. Expected turnaround time is 2-3 days in lab.



A plastic mounting white board. This rigid board is one of the best mounting substrates available and is an economical mounting option. Styrene is available in all sizes 5" x 7" and larger. Expected turnaround time is 2-3 days in lab.



An inexpensive warp-resistant mounting option and is available in the most common sizes. Currently Foamboard is not available for Metallic Prints. Expected turnaround time is 2-3 days in lab. *Certain sizes available in black.

Standout Mounts

Standout Mounts

Prints are mounted to a very lightweight, durable board with a stainless, maple (light wood), white or black border. Pre-drilled holes or slots on the backside making your print ready to hang immediately. Standout Mounts are available in a variety of sizes from 5" x 7" to 30" x 40". Expected turnaround time is 3-5 days in lab.

Mounting Pricing

Size OptionsArtboard
Standout Mount
1 ½"
Standout Mount
8" x 8" $5.41 $5.25 - $18.03
(black or white only)
(black or white only)
8" x 10" $5.41 $5.25 $5.92
(black or white only)
(black or white only)
(black or white only)
8" x 12" $6.95 $6.75 - $21.12
(black or white only)
(black or white only)
8" x 16" $6.95 $6.75 - $21.63
(black or white only)
(black or white only)
10" x 10" $6.95 $6.75 - $21.63 $37.60
10" x 20" $6.95 $8.45 - $31.93 $52.53
11" x 14" $6.95 $7.62 $8.19
(white only)
$23.69 $40.17
12" x 12" $6.95 $9.99 - $23.69 $40.17
12" x 24" $13.65 $12.67 - $41.20 $66.95
15" x 30" $16.22 $19.06 - $46.35 $69.53
16" x 16" $7.98 $14.42 - $33.99 $50.47
16" x 20" $7.98 $12.67 $11.33
(black or white)
$37.60 $59.23
16" x 24" $13.91 $14.42 - $45.32 $71.07
20" x 20" $13.65 $19.06 - $47.38 $87.55
20" x 24" $13.65 $19.06 $17.77
(white only)
$54.08 $91.67
20" x 30" $15.19 $19.06 $21.63
(white only)
$65.92 $115.36
24" x 24" $20.55 $22.04 - $72.10 $130.81
24" x 30" $22.40 $24.21 $24.21
(white only)
$95.28 $143.17
24" x 36" $24.21 $28.84 $30.64
(white only)
$132.87 $153.47
Retouching Services

Retouching (ROES & Cascade Only)

A link to download your retouched images is provided via email at no additional fee (link active for 1 year).

Retouching services include: Standard Retouching, Removal of Braces, Fill in Area, Remove Small/Large Object, Clone Eye, Combine Two Images, Spot Colorization. Other offered services include: Remove Tan Lines, Red Eye, Glass Glare, Eyeglass Shadow and Stray Hair as well as Retouching on Arms, Legs, etc. See below for details.

Retouching Services

Standard Retouching

Standard Retouching is charged per head and includes creating even skin tone, but does not include scars or moles. If more than one subject is in the image please indicate who needs to be retouched. If no indication is made you will be charged for each subject.

Remove Braces

Remove Braces is an option that is not always possible. There must be sufficient amount of tooth available for cloning. If the area is too dark it will leave an unnatural look so we may opt to not attempt this request. In this case you will be notified and given the option of whether or not to continue with the prints from that image.

Fill in Area

With the Fill in an Area option you need to indicate the area to be filled in and what you would like it to be filled with. Multiple charges may apply if it is a larger or difficult area.

Remove Small/Large Object

Remove Small Object & Remove Large Object these options would be treated much the same as fill in an area; please indicate which area you want filled in and with what.

Clone Eye

The Clone Eye option is valuable when you have a subject with one or both eyes closed. You will need to indicate which subject needs an eye cloned and our art department will take an eye from another image. It is helpful if you indicate an image with the subject’s eyes open. (Bear in mind you will need to order from the image that you want us to take the images from in order to have the software include this order for transmission).

Combine Two Images

Combine Two Images a common use of this option is when you need to have a person from one image added to another. As with the Clone Eye option, you will need to order a print both images so that they are sent to the lab.

Combine Two Images

Spot Colorization is a very popular option. This art option allows for a color image to be desaturated and an area then brought back to full color. You will need to indicate which area you want colored in the instructions. The end result of this option is a black and white image (or sepia upon request) with one area that retains its original color. You will need to be sure to order this image in color. If you order black and white it will print the color portion in black and white also.

Retouching Pricing

  • Retouching services are ordered in conjunction with a print being ordered or online album files being posted, but are priced separately
  • Pricing is per image regardless of the quantity of prints ordered from that image
Retouching Service Price Per Subject
Standard retouch, per head $6.85
Retouch arms, legs, etc.
Fix tan lines, straps, etc.
Fill in an area
Remove red eye
Clone eye
Stray hair removed
Glasses glare removed
Remove eye glass shadows
Remove small objects
Spot colorization $6.95
Remove large objects $13.50
Remove braces $18.54
Combine 2 images $51.50+
Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging provides an upscale presentation of your metal prints, select our Boutique Packaging service, currently available in our ROES software. Boutique Packaging includes a black box, vanilla tissue paper and our Silver Eco Ribbon.

Boutique Packaging available for select sizes. Visit our Boutique Packaging page for more information.