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Split Image & Cluster Metal Prints Details and Pricing

15% off Metal Prints
ChromaLuxe Custom Split Image Metal Prints
Split Image Metal Prints Float Block Back
Vibrant Metallic Fade Split Image Metal Prints

Make a breath-taking display of your panoramas, fine art and outdoor images with Split Image or Cluster Metal Prints. Choose between a Split Option (one image broken into component prints) or Cluster Option (separate image in each panel).  All of our metal prints use high-heat technology to fuse your image into the metal for incredible visual depth and luminosity. Split Image and Cluster groupings are discounted 5% off the individual metal print prices.

Production turnaround time is 2-3 business days. Add 1-2 days for framing, finishing & mounting.

Split Image & Cluster Metal Prints Pricing
  • Images are printed slightly larger than finished size; software will reflect the area that may be cut off
  • Metal prints are printed on .045" thick Chromalux metal
Layouts Available in Splits & Clusters
Design 1
Design Options   Price

Window - Mini (2 - 7x20, 1 - 16x20, overall 30x20) Order $185.00

Window - Small (2 - 10x24, 1 - 16x24, overall 36x24) Order $200.00

Window - Medium (2 - 10x30, 1 - 25x30, overall 45x30) Order $280.00

Window - Large (2 - 15x40, 1 - 30x40, overall 60x40) Order $475.00

Tic Tac Toe Four Square
Design Options   Price

Tic Tac Toe (9 - 6x6, overall 20x20) Order $149.63

Tic Tac Toe (9 - 10x10, overall 32x32) Order $213.75

Tic Tac Toe (9 - 12x12, overall 38x38) Order $247.95

Four Square (4 - 12x12, overall 25x25) Order $110.20

Four Square (4 - 16x16, overall 33x33) Order $163.40

Four Square (4 - 20x20, overall 41x41) Order $258.40
Filmstrip The Big E
Design Options   Price

Filmstrip (6 - 8x8, 1 - 26x26, overall 44x26) Order $196.65

The Big E (3 - 10x13, 1 - 20x32, overall 34x32) Order $190.95
Formal Four Timeless
Design Options   Price

Formal Four (2 - 8x12, 1 - 11x17, 1 - 16x24, overall 34x24) Order $140.60

Timeless (4 - 11.5x11.5, 1 - 20x24, overall 45x24) Order $188.10
Parquet Portrait Triptych
Design Options   Price

Parquet (4 - 10x31, 1 - 20x20, overall 41x42) Order $269.80

Portrait Triptych (3 - 12x18, overall 38x18) Order $108.30

Portrait Triptych (3 - 16x24, overall 50x24) Order $179.55

Portrait Triptych (3 - 24x36, overall 74x36) Order $418.95

Square Triptych Landscape Triptych
Design Options   Price

Square Triptych (3 - 12x12, overall 38x12) Order $82.65

Square Triptych (3 - 16x16, overall 50x16) Order $122.55

Square Triptych (3 - 20x20, overall 62x20) Order $193.80

Landscape Triptych (3 - 12x18, overall 38x18) Order $108.30

Landscape Triptych (3 - 16x24, overall 50x24) Order $179.55

Landscape Triptych (3 - 24x36, overall 74x36) Order $418.95
Layouts Available in Clusters Only
Stairclimber Modern
Design Options   Price

Stairclimber - Cluster ONLY (3 - 10x10, 2 - 16x20, 1 - 20x32, overall 40x66) Order $272.65

Modern - Cluster ONLY (1 - 10x10, 1 - 10x30, 1 - 11x14, 1 - 14x14 ,1 - 16x20, overall 58x37) Order $206.15
Flagstones Classic Triptych
Design Options   Price

Flagstones - Cluster ONLY (2 - 8x8, 2 - 8x10, 3 - 8x12, overall 30x30) Order $144.40

Classic Triptych - Cluster ONLY (2 - 16x20, 1 - 20x30, overall 54x30) Order $201.40

What to expect in your Metal Prints: Metal Print panels are coated using state-of-the-art coating machines. But the coating sometimes contains small imperfections such as small craters or bumps. We inspect each sheet very carefully and if there are imperfections we place them in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. We cannot remake MetalPrints due to these imperfections unless they are located in a very prominent part of the image. MetalPrints are weatherproof and moisture proof, but they will fade like a normal photograph, so please avoid direct sunlight.

Metal Print Sample Kit

Metal Print Sample Kit

Metal Print Sample Kit  

Our kit includes five (5) 4x6 metal prints at a discounted price in each of our surfaces: High Gloss (aka Vibrant Gloss), Mid-Gloss, Satin (aka Vibrant Matte), Sheer - Glossy (aka Metallic Fade Gloss) & Sheer - Matte (aka Metallic Fade Matte). Mounting and corner options can be selected individually for each print. It is a great way to see first hand the unique qualities of these brilliant prints. Compare our surfaces.

Price is $29.50.


Split Image & Cluster Metal Print Options

Metal Print Surfaces

Metal Cover

Corner Options

Metal Print Corner Options
Corner Options Price

1/8" Rounded Corners $0.00

Sharp Square Corners* $0.00

3/16" Rounded Corners $0.00

Scalloped Corners $0.00

*Sharp Square Corners, can be quite sharp and should be handled with care. We recommend ordering Rounded Corners on Metal Prints that will be displayed in areas where people may be close to or seated underneath the Metal Prints.

Additional Split Metal Print Options

  • Optional 2 or 4 drilled holes in the corners so you can connect your series of prints with metal hooks or chains
Additional Split Metal Print Options Price

Drilled Holes (3/16" Holes on Top 2 Corners) $0.00

Drilled Holes (3/16" Holes on 4 Corners) $0.00
Retouching Services

Retouching (ROES & Cascade Only)

A link to download your retouched images is provided via email at no additional fee (link active for 1 year).

Retouching services include: Standard Retouching, Removal of Braces, Fill in Area, Remove Small/Large Object, Clone Eye, Combine Two Images, Spot Colorization. Other offered services include: Remove Tan Lines, Red Eye, Glass Glare, Eyeglass Shadow and Stray Hair as well as Retouching on Arms, Legs, etc. See below for details.

Retouching Services

Standard Retouching

Standard Retouching is charged per head and includes creating even skin tone, but does not include scars or moles. If more than one subject is in the image please indicate who needs to be retouched. If no indication is made you will be charged for each subject.

Remove Braces

Remove Braces is an option that is not always possible. There must be sufficient amount of tooth available for cloning. If the area is too dark it will leave an unnatural look so we may opt to not attempt this request. In this case you will be notified and given the option of whether or not to continue with the prints from that image.

Fill in Area

With the Fill in an Area option you need to indicate the area to be filled in and what you would like it to be filled with. Multiple charges may apply if it is a larger or difficult area.

Remove Small/Large Object

Remove Small Object & Remove Large Object these options would be treated much the same as fill in an area; please indicate which area you want filled in and with what.

Clone Eye

The Clone Eye option is valuable when you have a subject with one or both eyes closed. You will need to indicate which subject needs an eye cloned and our art department will take an eye from another image. It is helpful if you indicate an image with the subject’s eyes open. (Bear in mind you will need to order from the image that you want us to take the images from in order to have the software include this order for transmission).

Combine Two Images

Combine Two Images a common use of this option is when you need to have a person from one image added to another. As with the Clone Eye option, you will need to order a print both images so that they are sent to the lab.

Combine Two Images

Spot Colorization is a very popular option. This art option allows for a color image to be desaturated and an area then brought back to full color. You will need to indicate which area you want colored in the instructions. The end result of this option is a black and white image (or sepia upon request) with one area that retains its original color. You will need to be sure to order this image in color. If you order black and white it will print the color portion in black and white also.

Retouching Pricing

  • Retouching services are ordered in conjunction with a print being ordered or online album files being posted, but are priced separately
  • Pricing is per image regardless of the quantity of prints ordered from that image
Retouching ServicePrice Per Subject
Standard retouch, per head $6.85
Retouch arms, legs, etc.
Fix tan lines, straps, etc.
Fill in an area
Remove red eye
Clone eye
Stray hair removed
Glasses glare removed
Remove eye glass shadows
Remove small objects
Spot colorization $6.95
Remove large objects $13.50
Remove braces $18.54
Combine 2 images $51.50+
Mounting Options
  • Please allow an additional 1-2 business days to metal print turnaround time for mounting options.  

Float Mount Hanger

Float Mount Hanger

Our Float Mount Hangers are attached to the back of the print, and float the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. Styles and selection vary based on the size of the print ordered.

Options Price

Small Float Mount Hanger (for individual prints smaller than 12" x 18") $4.50

Large Float Mount Hanger (for individual prints 12" x 18" and larger) $27.00

Stainless Posts

Stainless Posts

Stainless Steel Posts come in a set of four pieces, one for each corner. Posts are 1" wide. Sets are determined by Split or Cluster chosen.

Options Price

Stainless Posts (set of 12) $51.60

Stainless Posts (set of 16) $76.80

Stainless Posts (set of 20) $86.00

Stainless Posts (set of 24) $103.20

Stainless Posts (set of 28) $134.40

Stainless Posts (set of 36) $172.80
Split Image vs. Cluster Metal Prints

Split Images and Clusters can be assembled with multiple images, or use a single image across prints for a dramatic mosaic effect.

Split Image vs. Cluster Metal Prints