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Acrylic Photo Blocks

Small prints mounted under high-gloss acrylic

Thumbnail of a Wedding Couple in a Field Printed on an Acrylic Block

Acrylic Block Overview

Our Acrylic Blocks are made by mounting the front of a photo print to optically clear acrylic. Acrylic amplifies the image and makes a stunning piece for any desk or mantel. While other labs UV print directly on the acrylic surface, our two-step, front-mounting process results in a block with sharper detail and more vibrant colors. Our thick Acrylic Blocks stand vertically or horizontally without an easel. Edges are sanded and buffed to a glossy finish. Available in sizes 5x7" and 6x6" (both 1" thick), or 8x10" (1.25" thick).

Check our current turnaround times especially during holidays and promotions. Normal estimated turnaround is 4-5 business days.



Acrylic Block Options


Family walking with toddler and newly married couple on different sizes for Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks are available in 5x7", 6x6" or 8x10". The 5x7" and 6x6" are 1" thick. The 8x10" is 1.25" thick.

Paper Surface

Lexjet Lustre and Lexjet Metalli

Choose from 2 paper surfaces: Vivid and Metallic. Why print on paper and then face-mount the print to the clear acrylic block? The result is better color and finer detail compared to UV printed blocks sold by other labs.

Black Backing

Acrylic Block With White or Black Backing

Each block is finished with black paper backing.


Girl & Puppy Retouched for Flawless Images

Retouching enhances your image for a flawless print. Choose from a variety of Retouching Services in the checkout cart. Additional fees apply.

For more information, see our Retouching Services page.

Color Correction

Boy in Coat & Blue Beanie Laying in Snow

With our FREE Color Correction service, we adjust your files for the best possible printed product with us. Our trained staff manually corrects your files for overall balanced color so your images print beautifully.

For more information, see our Color Correction page.

Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging Black Box with a natural twill ribbon to Impress your Clients

Impress clients with the personalized touch of Boutique Packaging for select, drop shipped items. We package your order in tissue paper and a black folder or box with a natural twill ribbon. Additional fees apply.

See Boutique Packaging for details.

Branded Shipping

Woman with blonde Hair Opening a Box with Branded Shipping Label

Advertise your business with ease! With Branded Shipping, we print your logo on the box sticker and packing slip for just $1.40 per order, regardless of the number of boxes shipped. 

See our Branded Shipping page for details.

Acrylic Block Pricing

Size   Vivid Metallic
5 x 7" (1" thick) Order $46.35 $48.40
6 x 6" (1" thick) Order $50.49 $52.54
8 x 10" (1.25" thick) Order $94.75 $98.90

Acrylic Block Manufacturing and Care

Please note: Acrylic Blocks are adhered and trimmed by hand. While our expert staff makes every effort to reduce the presence of dust or unevenly trimmed edges, these imperfections can be part of the handmade process. Therefore, we cannot grant remakes solely due to these occurrences.

To clean and polish the acrylic surface, gently wipe fingerprints or dirt with a slightly dampened, non-abrasive microfiber cloth or use a specialty product like Brillianize . Avoid wetting the sides of your print with water or cleaner. Never use an ammonia-based cleaner (like Windex), alcohol or acetone to clean your Acrylic Print as these substances can cause micro-cracks in the acrylic.

How to Order

Folio Collection

Desktop App for Large & Batch Orders

BRI ROES Main is a desktop application used by professional photographers. It is the fastest way to order when your client needs multiple images and sizes, or you want to place several orders at once.

Click here to order from our website

Online Ordering

Order directly from our website with no software download required. Ideal for simple, small orders.

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