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Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wraps

Dramatic groupings for your walls

Thumbnail of Wedding Portrait River Landscape Printed
                on Split Image Canvas Gallery Wraps

Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wraps Overview

With Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wraps, you print photos on several canvases to create amazing wall art. With Split Image Canvas Wraps, we divide a single image over multiple panels for an impactful display. With Canvas Gallery Wrap Clusters, a grouping saves you 20% on the cost of buying the same wraps individually. 

Your image is printed directly on heavyweight canvas, then sleekly stretched around wooden frames that are 1 ½" thick. Using archival inks, premium canvas and large-format inkjet printers, you can expect rich color and longevity from these canvas prints. Choose Glossy or Lustre Laminate for added protection and several mounting options for easy hanging.

Check our current turnaround times especially during holidays and promotions. Normal estimated turnaround is 2-3 business days; add 1-2 days for finishing & mounting.



Split Image vs. Cluster Canvas Wrap

Spread a single Split Image across multiple prints for a dramatic mosaic effect or assemble multiple images into a Cluster.

Split Image

Wedding Portrait River Landscape Printed on Split Image Canvas Wrap

A Split Image Canvas Gallery Wrap divides a single image across multiple prints.


Newborn Baby Session Printed on Cluster Canvas Wrap

A Canvas Gallery Wrap Cluster consists of individual images on each panel.

Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Options

Natural Full Image Wrap

Little Girl In Yellow Shirt with Full Image Wrap Around Canvas

Wrap your entire image around the 1 ½" thick sides of your Canvas Wrap for a seamless visual flow from front to all sides.

Border Wrap with Solid Color

Married Couple with Graffiti Background with Border Wrap Around Edge of Canvas

To wrap the sides with a solid color, order from BRI ROES. Choose from several Border Wrap Colors for the 1 ½" thick sides of your Canvas Gallery Wrap. If you order on the website, you can create your own custom border using your design software like Photoshop or Illustrator, then upload your file.

Border Wrap with Mirrored Edge

Gallery Wrap of Hot Air Balloons with Mirrored Edge

Select a Mirrored Edge option and we will apply this effect in-lab, reflecting your image along the 1 ½" thick sides of your Canvas Wrap. Available in BRI ROES only. $10 per Canvas Gallery Wrap.

Mounting Options

Sawtooth with Open Back

Sawtooth with Open Back

This default hanging option includes bumpers and an open back. The sawtooth hanger keeps the print flush against the wall.

Sawtooth with Paper Back

Sawtooth with Paper Backing

Choose this option for a more finished look. The sawtooth hanger keeps the print flush against the wall. Framed prints automatically come with this option, although heavy frames have a wire hanger.

Wire Hanger with Open Back

Wire Hanger

Opt for a wire hanger and bumpers for heavier prints. The top of the print will hang slightly away from the wall.

No Hanger with Open Back

No Hanger and No Paper Backing

This simple option has no bumpers and no paper backing. Great for displaying your print on an enclosed shelf.

Related Options


Girl & Puppy Retouched for Flawless Images

Retouching enhances your image for a flawless print. Choose from a variety of Retouching Services in the checkout cart. Additional fees apply.

For more information, see our Retouching Services page.

Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Pricing

Layouts Available in Splits & Clusters

Design Options   Price
Tic Tac Toe - Small (9 - 6x6, overall 20x20) Order $441.45
Tic Tac Toe - Medium (9 - 10x10, overall 32x32) Order $516.78
Tic Tac Toe - Large (9 - 12x12, overall 38x38) Order $607.10
Design Options   Price
Four Square - Small (4 - 12x12, overall 25x25) Order $269.82
Four Square - Medium (4 - 16x16, overall 33x33) Order $322.20
Four Square - Large (4 - 20x20, overall 41x41) Order $410.40
Design Options   Price
Filmstrip (6 - 8x8, 1 - 26x26, overall 44x26) Order $475.73
Design Options   Price
The Big E (3 - 13x10, 1 - 20x32, overall 34x32) Order $341.55
Design Options   Price
Formal Four (2 - 8x12, 1 - 17x11, 1 - 16x24, overall 34x24) Order $292.48
Design Options   Price
Timeless (4 - 11.5x11.5, 1 - 20x24, overall 45x24) Order $391.46
Design Options   Price
Parquet (2 - 10x31, 2 - 31x10, 1 - 20x20, overall 42x42) Order $492.48
Design Options   Price
Portrait Triptych - Small (3 - 12x18, overall 38x18) Order $238.28
Portrait Triptych - Medium (3 - 16x24, overall 50x24) Order $306.45
Portrait Triptych - Large (3 - 24x36, overall 74x36) Order $532.71
Design Options   Price
Square Triptych - Small (3 - 12x12, overall 38x12) Order $202.37
Square Triptych - Medium (3 - 16x16, overall 50x16) Order $241.65
Square Triptych - Large (3 - 20x20, overall 62x20) Order $307.80
Design Options   Price
Landscape Triptych - Small (3 - 18x12, overall 56x12) Order $238.28
Landscape Triptych - Medium (3 - 24x16, overall 74x16) Order $306.45
Landscape Triptych - Large (3 - 36x24, overall 110x24) Order $532.71

Layouts Available in Clusters Only

Newborn Baby Session Printed on Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Stairclimber Design
Design Options   Price
Stairclimber - Cluster ONLY (3 - 10x10, 2 - 16x20, 1 - 32x20, overall 40x66) Order $498.06
Newborn Baby Session Printed on Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Modern Design
Design Options   Price
Modern - Cluster ONLY (1 - 10x10, 1 - 30x10, 1 - 14x11, 1 - 14x14 ,1 - 16x20, overall 58x37) Order $386.19
Newborn Baby Session Printed on Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Flagstones Design
Design Options   Price
Flagstones - Cluster ONLY (2 - 8x8, 2 - 10x8, 2 - 12x8, 1 - 8x12, overall 30x30) Order $391.44
Newborn Baby Session Printed on Split Image & Cluster Canvas Wrap Classic Triptych Design
Design Options   Price
Classic Triptych - Cluster ONLY (2 - 16x20, 1 - 20x30, overall 54x30) Order $317.07

How to Order

Folio Collection

Desktop App for Large & Batch Orders

BRI ROES Main is a desktop application used by professional photographers. It is the fastest way to order when your client needs multiple images and sizes, or you want to place several orders at once.

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Order directly from our website with no software download required. Ideal for simple, small orders.

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