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Shaped Metal Prints

A modern look with decorative appeal

Thumbnail of a Senior girl with a Black hat & Jacket on a Train Printed on Shaped Metal Prints

Shaped Metal Print Overview

Inspired by French flea market mirrors and vintage signs, Shaped Metal Prints blend modern Metal Prints with Old World charm. We use an innovative printing process to fuse your image into specially treated ChromaLuxe aluminum metal then cut your print into one of 28 unique shapes. The results are photos with life-like depth and vibrancy that dress-up any room or office. Printed on eco-friendly, 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Sizes 5x5" to 40x50".

Check our current turnaround times especially during holidays and promotions. Normal estimated turnaround is 2-3 business days; add 1-2 days for finishing & mounting.



Metal Print Options

Sizes & Shapes

3 Sizes of Shaped Metal Prints with a cityscape, newborn & senior girl on them

Shaped Metal Prints are available in a variety of sizes, from 5x5" to 40x50". See our Shape Options below and Pricing tab for details.

Metal Print Surfaces

Woman with Blue Eye Shadow & Red Lipstick Printed on 5 Metal Print Surfaces

Metal Prints come in 5 Surfaces: High Gloss (was Vibrant Gloss), Mid Gloss, Satin (was Vibrant Matte), Sheer Glossy (was Metallic Fade Gloss) and Sheer Satin (was Metallic Fade Matte).

Get a Sample Kit to determine which surface works best for your image.

Performance EXT

Man on a Surfboard riding a wave printed on Performance EXT Metal Print

With the new Performance EXT Metal, Metal Prints will last 2-3 years in direct sunlight without noticeable fading. Specially engineered for outdoor art, photography, signage and display. Available with a High Gloss surface. Adds 2 business days to in-lab turnaround time.

Float Mount Hanger

Float Mount Hanger on Back of Metal Print

Our Float Mount Hangers are attached to the back of the print, and float the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. Styles and selection vary based on the size of the print ordered.


Girl & Puppy Retouched for Flawless Images

Retouching enhances your image for a flawless print. Choose from a variety of Retouching Services in the checkout cart. Additional fees apply.

For more information, see our Retouching Services page.

Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging Black Box with a natural twill ribbon to Impress your Clients

Impress clients with the personalized touch of Boutique Packaging for select, drop shipped items. We package your order in tissue paper and a black folder or box with a natural twill ribbon. Additional fees apply.

See Boutique Packaging for details.

Shape Options

Square Aspect Ratio Shapes

Square Shaped Metal Print CE01


Square Shaped Metal Print CE02


Square Shaped Metal Print CE03


Square Shaped Metal Print CE04


Square Shaped Metal Print CE05


Square Shaped Metal Print CE06


Square Shaped Metal Print CE07


Square Shaped Metal Print CE08


Square Shaped Metal Print CE15


Square Shaped Metal Print CE16


Square Shaped Metal Print CE18


Square Shaped Metal Print CE24


Rectangular Aspect Ratio Shapes

Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE01


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE02


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE03


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE04


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE05


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE07


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE08


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE14


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE24


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE25


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE43


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE44


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE45


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE46


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE51


Rectangular Shaped Metal Print CE53


Metal Print Sample Kit

Metal Print Sample Kit

Metal Print Sample Kit  

Order a Metal Print Sample Kit to compare how your image looks across all our metal surfaces. You'll receive five 4x6" metal prints in High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy and Sheer Satin (formerly Sheer Matte). Mounting and corner options can be selected individually for each print. Watch our video to compare all the surfaces.

Price is $33.99.


Shaped Metal Print Pricing

Choose from 5 surfaces: High Gloss, Mid Gloss (+$2.60), Satin, Sheer Glossy, and Sheer Satin. For all print sizes, please allow for up to 1/8" trim on each edge for finishing.

Square Metal Prints

Size   Price Performance EXT Metal
5" x 5" Order $25.49 +$4.75
8" x 8" Order $29.35 +$5.10
12" x 12" Order $47.25 +$8.49
16" x 16" Order $81.98 +$12.00
20" x 20" Order $125.99 +$26.00
24" x 24" Order $197.86 +$37.99
30" x 30" Order $298.05 +$63.40
40" x 40" Order $583.49 + add'l $84.99 ship crate +$75.99

Rectangular Metal Prints

Size   Price Performance EXT Metal
5" x 7" Order $26.65 +$4.99
8" x 10" Order $33.89 +$5.90
10" x 30" Order $99.99 +$20.19
11" x 14" Order $53.97 +$12.40
16" x 20" Order $97.95 +$19.05
20" x 24" Order $142.50 +$27.75
20" x 60" Order $469.88 + add'l $84.99 ship crate +$87.65
24" x 30" Order $228.65 +$51.19
30" x 40" Order $356.85 +$80.39
40" x 50" Order $688.92 + add'l $84.99 ship crate +$116.89

*Freight Shipping: Metal Prints with a side over 40" long will require freight shipping. We can provide freight quotes for these orders. Please allow additional time for the quote and freight delivery times.

Shipping Crates (required for large sizes) Price
Wooden Shipping Crate - Medium (for sizes 30" x 45" to 40" x 60") $84.99
Wooden Shipping Crate - Large (for sizes larger than 40" x 60") $139.50

Shaped Metal Print Option Pricing

Surface Options Price
High Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy or Sheer Satin No Charge
Mid-Gloss $2.60
Hanger Option Price
Float Mount Hanger - Small $7.75
Float Mount Hanger - Medium $9.75
Float Mount Hanger - Large $11.69
Float Mount Hanger - XL $12.50
Float Mount Hanger - XXL $15.50
Float Mount Hanger - XXXL $16.50
Float Mount Hanger - 4XL $20.50
Float Mount Hanger - 5XL $25.50

Because Float Mount Hangers vary by print size, you'll find the required hanger size displayed when you order.

How to Order

Folio Collection

Desktop App for Large & Batch Orders

BRI ROES Main is a desktop application used by professional photographers. It is the fastest way to order when your client needs multiple images and sizes, or you want to place several orders at once.

Click here to order from our website

Online Ordering

Order directly from our website with no software download required. Ideal for simple, small orders.

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