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Photo Ornaments

Unique, shaped ornaments printed on metal or extra thick LOFT paper

Custom printed metal photo ornament with an image of a cute puppy on a blue cushion

Photo Ornaments Overview

Print your custom photo ornaments on high-gloss metal or extra-thick paper. Choose Metal Ornaments for incredibly vibrant and glossy images. Metal Ornaments are printed on durable, 100% recycled aluminum. Choose LOFT Paper Ornaments as a clever alternative to holiday cards. LOFT Ornaments are printed on easy-to-write-on cardstock in 3 thicknesses. Metal Ornaments are small (2.375" to 4.1") and LOFT Ornaments are larger (3.5" up to 5x7"). Metal Ornaments are sold individually; LOFT Ornaments are sold in sets of 4.

Check our current turnaround times especially during holidays and promotions. Normal estimated turnaround is 2-3 business days (Metal) and 3-4 business days (LOFT).



Photo Ornament Options

Shapes & Sizes

Size comparison of LOFT paper ornaments versus metal ornaments on aluminum

Choose from 6 LOFT shapes  perfect for holiday tree-trim or gift tags. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 3.5" square to 5x7".

Choose from13 metal shapes in sizes ranging from 2.375" to 4.1".

LOFT Surface

Wedding Portrait of Bride & Groom kissing on an extra-thick LOFT Paper Ornament with White Ribbon

LOFT Paper Ornaments are printed on extra-thick cardstock with a subtle eggshell texture. Choose from 3 thicknesses: double (32 pt), triple (48 pt) or quad (64 pt).

LOFT Ornaments are press-printed using 6 color inks for the widest tonal range. Print double-sided or leave one side blank for a handwritten note to give your LOFT Ornament as a card, too. Learn more about our Paper Types.

Metal Surface

Engagement photo of a man & woman wrapped in a winter blanket holding coffee mugs on a holiday Metal Ornament in one of 13 Shapes

Metal Ornaments are made of 100% recycled aluminum and use the same innovative print process as our gallery-ready Metal Prints. Available in a high-gloss metal surface for colors that really pop. Print double- or single-sided.

Note: Metal Ornaments are weatherproof and moisture-proof but they will fade like a normal photograph if exposed to direct sunlight.

Double-Sided Printing

High Gloss Metal Ornament printed with a front and back custom photo showing a Mother Kissing Her Toddler on the front side and the Toddler Smiling on the back side

Option to print on one or both sides of your LOFT or Metal Ornament.

Ready to Hang

A shaped metal ornament and shaped paper ornament showing custom photos of a Mother with Daughters and Father with Daughter

All ornaments include ribbon and are ready to hang. LOFT Paper Ornaments come in sets of 4 with a white ribbon. Metal Ornaments are sold individually and come with a red ribbon.


Girl & Puppy Retouched for Flawless Images

Retouching enhances your image for a flawless print. Choose from a variety of Retouching Services in the checkout cart. Additional fees apply.

For more information, see our Retouching Services page.

Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging Black Box with a natural twill ribbon to Impress your Clients

Impress clients with the personalized touch of Boutique Packaging for select, drop shipped items. We package your order in tissue paper and a black folder or box with a natural twill ribbon. Additional fees apply.

See Boutique Packaging for details.

Photo Ornament Pricing

Metal Ornaments   Price per ornament
Bell - 3.3" x 3.3" Order $15.90 each
Circle - 2.75" x 2.75" Order $15.90 each
Haven - 2.95" x 2.95" Order $15.90 each
Hexagon - 2.6" x 3" Order $15.90 each
Monterey - 3.95" x 2.74" Order $15.90 each
Oval - 2.375" x 3" Order $15.90 each
Rectangle - 3" x 2" Order $15.90 each
Snowflake - 3" x 3" Order $15.90 each
Star - 3.81" x 3.98" Order $15.90 each
Tapered - 2.75" x 4.1" Order $15.90 each
Thump - 2.87" x 3" Order $15.90 each
Tree - 3.38" x 3.95" Order $15.90 each
Winsome - 3.95" x 2.76" Order $15.90 each
LOFT Paper Ornaments   LOFT Double Thick
Price per set
LOFT Triple Thick
Price per set
LOFT Quad Thick
Price per set
3.5" x 3.5" - all shapes Order $14.77 set of 4 $15.66 set of 4 $16.55 set of 4
3.5" x 5" - all shapes Order $14.77 set of 4 $15.66 set of 4 $16.55 set of 4
5" x 5" - all shapes Order $16.41 set of 4 $17.30 set of 4 $18.19 set of 4
5" x 7" - all shapes Order $16.41 set of 4 $17.30 set of 4 $18.19 set of 4

How to Order

Folio Collection

Desktop App for Large & Batch Orders

BRI ROES Main is a desktop application used by professional photographers. It is the fastest way to order when your client needs multiple images and sizes, or you want to place several orders at once.

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Online Ordering

Order directly from our website with no software download required. Ideal for simple, small orders.

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